Hydrant Box

Selling the Best Quality Hydrant Box, Low Prices

The Hydrant Box is a box used to store fire hydrant equipment. This type of box is made specifically by producers engaged in the field of fire hydrant equipment to keep fire extinguishers properly stored. The Hydrant box itself is a red box placed outside or inside the room.

The main function of the hydrant box is to protect and maintain the life of fire extinguishers to last a long time from the influence of climate and weather. Tools such as a nozzle and hydrant valve are generally made of steel, when exposed to electrolyte rainwater, the material will eventually oxidize by oxygen resulting in corrosion. Corrosion is very dangerous because it can damage the material causing a decrease in the function of the tool. Even hot weather can have a bad impact on fire hoses that are generally made of synthetic rubber. We, Intan Karya Mandiri are the best quality hydrant box manufacturers. There are various sizes that can be tailored to your needs. The hydrant box that we sell has good quality and is made of high quality materials, besides that it is also done by experts who are experienced in their fields.

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